Thursday, 18 April 2013

and when you life just never be what you want it to be


you want this and that
you have work so hard for them
suddenly a person came, kill one of the hopes
that time you really cant see future..
because to you hope is the future

at the same time,

another hope is destroyed by a person who have misunderstood you
respond to you weirdly
which hurt your  heart
if only you can shout out at him and say
jgn perahsantan sgt blh!
you r even not my goal
not professional

this morning.the only creatures that came from nowhere
come to soothes your heart
with his love
giving you warm that you 've dream from a person you really love didn't give bcz of ego!
its my cat,yen <3

in my life ego things really plays great effects in my life.
just hope that I wont be one of them..
then new goal will be set..

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